Quest 79 : Timeline

The Cold Way: 2021-22, THE POLE OF POSSIBILITY, Antarctica

The Spirited Way: 2021, The Tokyo Paralympic Games

The Continental Way: 2019, Atlantic Coast of Europe

The Hot Way: 2019, The Water Towers of Africa, Ethiopia

The Sacred Way: 2018, The Ganges source 2 sacred heart, India

The Water Way: 2018, The Murray River source 2 sea, Australia

The Express Way: 2017, Pacific Coast, Canada-Mexico, N.America

The Wild Way: 2016, Patagonia Carretera Austral, S.America

The Golden Way: 2016, The Rio Paralympic Games

Once upon a time, pushing my wheelchair 79 metres was a big challenge, let alone crossing seven continents. It seems almost unbelievable to think back to when I was lying in a hospital bed, broken and bruised, paralysed from the chest down, with nothing but a view of dull ceiling tiles and the prospect of life in a wheelchair, that I have been able to ski across icecaps, kayak oceans, cycle across continents, and experience the life of adventure and exploration that I have. These journeys have inspired me to encourage others to do something that seems a bit of a challenge to achieve. We all have our own mountain to climb, but no matter how big or small our ambition, we are destined to discover something inside ourselves that is precious. I call this our ‘Inner Gold’.

To date, I have cycled six of the seven continents: Antarctica and creating the ‘Pole of Possibility’ remains. Each of the journeys has given me far more than the wonderful experience of travelling to new landscapes and cultures. Each adventure has gifted me with powerful positive emotions: I have felt compelled to write my ‘Inner Gold’ blog series to share some insights on these, as I believe they are helpful emotions that we can all nurture in everyday life.

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