I started out writing for fun, or catharsis. I don’t profess to have good grammar or be a great writer, but I love to write. It takes me on interesting journeys. When my body won’t allow me out to play, I take to the written word. I began writing for cathartic reasons, as a means to adapt to the new life I found myself in after becoming paralysed. My first book, ‘If You Fall’, began in this way. In fact, I found my early cathartic words being unexpectedly translated into Japanese, and so my first book was actually published in Japan; so I thought I’d better try and write an English version! ‘If You Fall’ sparked a passion in me for writing , and I was fortunate enough to gain a place on the prestigous Mountain Writing Programme at the Banff Literary Arts Centre in Canada. I am forever grateful for a month of writing to the inspirational backdrop of the Rockies, with two incredible and very experienced tutors and a group of talented aspiring writers. The result was book number two, ‘Boundless’.

I think we all have a book in us, and I hope sharing some of my stories is useful or interesting to those of you who choose to read them.

Quest 79

Quest 79 is a collection of short stories from Karen’s experiences in adventure and sport, each with a lesson that she hopes is helpful to anyone looking to optimize their thinking, to live life to the full and achieve surprising things. Presented in an A-Z format, the book has positive psychology tips useful not only for sport, but for enhancing happiness and success in life.
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What others say:

“The power of our thoughts is vital. In the most challenging situations of life, we need to know how to use our mind to help us not hinder. This book is a fantastic collection of stories from Karen’s adventures and experiences in sport, showing how to do just that.”
Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

“The stories that Karen shares here illustrate the importance of adventure as a process of developing resilience, strength of mind and ability to overcome obstacles and life stressors.”
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout.

“The stories and tools in this book contain the keys to success: they will help you overcome obstacles, sharpen your mental skills and enhance your performance in life, as much as in sport.”
Don Macnaughton, High Performance Coach.

“My job is to help people train for fitness and strength, but that’s far from just a physical process. It’s as easy to be lazy with the mind as it is with the body, and this book illustrates fantastically how to give your mind a workout.”
Roddy McLauchlan, Human Performance Coach, UK Personal Trainer of the Year Awardee.

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If You Fall

I always thought I’d rather be dead than paralysed. One slip, one moment, and everything changes. My first book is about recovering from the rock-climbing accident that paralysed me. It may start out a little harrowing, but it is really about embracing change and returning to adventures. As the book cover describes…

‘Karen’s adventure story takes you from the brink of death to handcycling the heights of the Himalayas…to the rusty knife of a Brazilian spirit surgeon. It is a story not just of climbing and courage, but one of inner journeying and spirituality. Out of Karen’s wound comes a strength to embrace the challenge and transform it into an opportunity to learn and grow.’

“Karen’s captivating story shine a bright light on the meaning of challenge, and on the limitless capabilities of the human sprit.”
Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

“Modest and thoughtful, Karen is a highly sought after and successful speaker, whose stories inspire all those who take time to reflect on what it took to achieve them.”
Joe Simpson, climber and author (Touching the Void).

Other articles I have written and had published can be found here.

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A very different book, Boundless is about facing challenges and fear, both in the wilderness and at home. It begins with the story of my biggest physical challenge, a month long journey sit-skiing 600km across the wilderness of the Greenland icecap, with my arms as the engine. This was a journey that led to my biggest mental challenge, to return to rock-climbing and a week-long climb suspended on the kilometre-high overhanging face of El Captian in Yosemite National Park, California.

I hope that Boundless isn’t a book about expedition heroics, but one which offers a view of life’s challenges and the profound effects of wilderness. The adventures I write about have shown me just what is possible when we set our heart and mind to something and have the support of good friends and a team. That’s what really enables us to go beyond our previous horizons.

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