Accessing Nature with ICE & ZTrikes

Karen is proud to be working with ICE and ZTrikes in testing out an incredible new hand-pedalled fat-trike. It was always Karen’s vision to explore Antarctica by handbike, but until now a sit-ski has been the only viable method. This incredible new trike may change that.

The Ziskind brothers have put their mechanical engineering minds together to create this enabling design. Driven by a desire to help improve access to nature for people without use of their legs, this is a world-first attempt at creating a hand-pedalled attachment to fit a fat-trike.

ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) Trikes have donated one of their full fat-bike trikes for Karen and the Pole of Possibility team to test, and ZTrikes have added their handbike design.

The ICE leg-trike has previously created a World Record for the first person to cycle to the South Pole. Welsh adventurer Maria Leijerstam raced over 400 miles to the South Pole to beat two male contenders to claim the world record in 2013.

The leg-trike followed a hard-packed ice-road into the South Pole, whereas Karen and the team will be crossing virgin plateau ice.

Testing will deduce whether the ICE full fat-trike with ZTrike hand attachment will be able to navigate such challenging rough and varied terrain of ice and snow. The ZTrike designers Ran and Yos have been testing the bike with Karen in the landscape that inspired their design. Israel: in plus 35 C rather than minus 35 C! A little hotter than Antarctica 🙂

You can read more about the story behind the ZTrike here and see a brief bit of testing action in the video below.

The Ztrikes are available to purchase.

Some of the great features are:

  • Rear-wheel drive to maximise grip and traction.
  • Huge gear range with a Rohloff 14-speed hub.
  • Quick-release, easy-adjustable crank position.
  • Ease of access to seat due to movable hand-crank.
  • Easy to adjust seat position & angle to optimise power-production.
  • Fits onto ICE trike to give fat-tyre options for serious terrain.
  • Enables use of existing robust designs of trike technology.

If you are interested to order your own Ztrike, please message me or via ICE trikes.