The Cold Way

To journey by sit-ski with a small, diverse team of varied age and physical ability, to 79 degrees latitude and longitude…a unique new pole, to represent all that is POSSIBLE when we allow our ideas to seed, and when teamwork, tenacity and technology come together.

To inspire thousands of school-children and others around the world to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to champion the possibility that being BOLD and BRAVE, with PURPOSE and PRINCIPLES we can solve big global problems of modern times, including climate change. We will transmit a live broadcast to young people around the world from the POLE OF POSSIBILITY in January 2022.

We will plant a FLAG at our the POLE OF POSSIBILITY and we are looking for 79 people, families, groups or businesses to raise or donate £2,500 per group in return for a place on the flag. Any money raised over and above the POLE OF POSSIBILITY costs will go directly to SIA (The SPINAL INJURIES ASSOCIATION) for who we are raising a minimum of £79,000. A FUNDRAISING PACK can be requested to help you organise an event or challenge.

Creating a place on the POLE OF POSSIBILITY flag will be a fantastic way to inspire yourself and those around you. Set a challenge, stretch your comfort zone, get your friends, family or work team involved in raising a minimum of £2,500 for the project and secure your team, business or personal name on the flag!

79 is the atomic number of gold – this is representing INNER GOLD, the possibility within us all to make a difference. This was inspired by me winning gold, the 79th medal for my country in hand-cycling at the Rio Paralympic Games 2016.

The team will ski unsupported from the Antarctic adventure base through miles of remote ice in the most hostile environment on the planet. Extreme temperatures and winds, combined with the physical diversity of the team will stretch them way beyond zones of comfort.

The POLE OF POSSIBILITY is being created with The Polar Academy: an incredible organisation that identifies 14-17 years old secondary school children, crushed by lack of self-esteem and gives them the chance to redefine their physical and mental limits. These ‘invisible’ teenagers are put through a rigorous ten month training programme that helps their confidence and skills soar, before embarking on a wilderness journey in the wilds of Greenland. These young people become role models for the next generation.

THE POLE OF POSSIBILITY is a world first, a unique Antarctic challenge embodying key values of The Polar Academy:

  • Providing inspiration through exploration
  • Demonstrating that dreams are attainable and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things
  • Expanding horizons of possibility from the personal to the global level.

The team, derived through our partnership with The Polar Academy will leave a physical landmark, THE POLE OF POSSIBILITY: an inspirational legacy, at 79 degrees south. Learn more about The Polar Academy at & on BBC at

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Fundraising pack
Open this pack to find everything you need to start raising money for the Spinal Injuries Association and our Pole of Possibility project. This pack includes fundraising ideas inspired by other ‘Quest 79 conquerers’, posters to advertise events, sponsorship forms, certificates for participants and other useful stuff.

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