Transformational Coaching

My aim is to help you be the best version of you : to transform limitation, fear or suffering into more freedom, peace and happiness. My approach is based on a belief that we are all well, but sometimes need help to transform old habits and beliefs so that we can enable the inner gold to shine through. Life experience has taught me strategies to do this and I love to use my own adventures as a means to explore ways of thinking and being that can help us be our best selves. We can all ‘upgrade’ ourselves to a shinier version, so that we can think, feel and behave or perform in ways that we dream of.

Areas I work with include:

  • Creating change
  • Motivation
  • Self-talk and language
  • Changing unhelpful thinking
  • Challenging negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Visualisation and manifestation
  • Dealing with set-backs
  • Coping with pressure
  • How to focus in high pressure situations
  • Strategies for big events or competitions
  • Relaxation and recovery
  • Re-framing
  • Achieving optimal mental state for performance
  • Neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy techniques
  • Sports Performance

My philosophy is that to be our best selves we should challenge our constraints, change habits, sculpt our mindset and infuse positive emotion.

I look forward to helping you to support yourself to upgrade to an even better version of you!

Please contact me for more information, packages and prices.

Karen is a specialist in the psychology of high performance, a Paralympic gold medallist, speaker and author. She has a PhD in geology but switched focus to studying “Inner Gold”. She has an MA in Development Training, an MA in Sports Performance Psychology & Diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Motivational Coaching & Clinical and Pastoral Counselling.