Here are some podcasts I’ve enjoyed being interviewed on, in rough order with most recent first. Below are a few short podcasts I have created myself: audio versions of blogs about the INNER GOLD I have found through my Quest 79 cycling of the 7 continents.

Mi 365 with Pete Cohen – Finding Your Inner Gold

Expedition Real by Echio Adventure, podcast with Karen Darke

Chatting to a Friend, Catie Friend with Karen Darke

Always Another Adventure: Paralympic gold & bike adventures

Adeptdefy: Adaptive Expedition Legend Karen Darke

Underdog Scott Kujak: Find Your Inner Gold

Red Bull Podcast, How To Be Superhuman: the woman who climbed El Cap with a broken backThis Is Spinal Crap: Able to Adventure

Living Adventurously with Alastair Humphreys, Our Freedoms Are All Different, Our Prisons Are All Different, Episode 63

Cycling through Australia – Listen on BBC

AdaptDefy Podcast and article at adaptdefy.com

I’mpossible article and trailer at sportsliberated.com

Smash the Box on ‘Finding Your Inner Gold

Mi365 with Pete Cohen – Karen Darke

Pete Cohen The Inspiration Revolution series

Of Mountains and Mind A Conversation with Karen Darke

Always Another Adventure 10: Paralympic Gold & Bikepacking...

Back Up Trust / Sophie Elwes podcast with Karen Darke

THE SACRED WAY, a podcast about riding the length of the River Ganges with a cycling novice.

Inner Gold 1: To Be An Explorer…

Inner Gold 2 : WIBA’s & Beliefs

Inner Gold 3 : Vulnerability & Superpowers

Inner Gold 4 : Freedom

Inner Gold 5 : Gratitude

Inner Gold 6 : Love

Inner Gold : Joy

Inner Gold : Transformation

Inner Gold 9 : Possibility