Here are some podcasts I’ve enjoyed being interviewed on, in rough order with most recent first. Below are a few short podcasts I have created myself: audio versions of blogs about the INNER GOLD I have found through my Quest 79 cycling of the 7 continents.

Mi 365 with Pete Cohen – Finding Your Inner Gold

Expedition Real by Echio Adventure, podcast with Karen Darke

Chatting to a Friend, Catie Friend with Karen Darke

Always Another Adventure: Paralympic gold & bike adventures

Adeptdefy: Adaptive Expedition Legend Karen Darke

Underdog Scott Kujak: Find Your Inner Gold

Red Bull Podcast, How To Be Superhuman: the woman who climbed El Cap with a broken backThis Is Spinal Crap: Able to Adventure

Living Adventurously with Alastair Humphreys, Our Freedoms Are All Different, Our Prisons Are All Different, Episode 63

She Who Dares To Be with Karen Darke

Cycling through Australia – Listen on BBC

AdaptDefy Podcast and article at adaptdefy.com

I’mpossible article and trailer at sportsliberated.com

Smash the Box on ‘Finding Your Inner Gold

Mi365 with Pete Cohen – Karen Darke

Pete Cohen The Inspiration Revolution series

Of Mountains and Mind A Conversation with Karen Darke

Always Another Adventure 10: Paralympic Gold & Bikepacking...

Back Up Trust / Sophie Elwes podcast with Karen Darke

THE SACRED WAY, a podcast about riding the length of the River Ganges with a cycling novice.

Inner Gold 1: To Be An Explorer…

Inner Gold 2 : WIBA’s & Beliefs

Inner Gold 3 : Vulnerability & Superpowers

Inner Gold 4 : Freedom

Inner Gold 5 : Gratitude

Inner Gold 6 : Love

Inner Gold : Joy

Inner Gold : Transformation

Inner Gold 9 : Possibility