Your Quest 79

I am encouraging as many individuals, families and groups as possible to take on their own Quest 79 challenge, by taking a step out of their comfort zone. As I have learned through my own experiences, when we commit to something that stretches our mind or body in new ways – and we consistently work at it – it often begins a life-expanding process and allows us to see all sorts of new possibilities.

Once upon a time, pushing my wheelchair 79 metres was a big challenge, let alone crossing seven continents and all the others adventure experiences I have been fortunate to have. This has inspired me to encourage others to do something that seems a stretch. We all have our own mountain to climb, but no matter how big or small our ambition, we are destined to discover something inside ourselves that is precious. I call this our ‘Inner Gold’.

BE INSPIRED by these fantastic stories of others Quest 79 projects. These are all ideas created and accomplished by real people like you, who conquered their own Quest 79!

(1) Cycle 79 miles or join a local cycle Sportive!

Read here about my dad Mike Darke cycling 79 miles for 79 years   or Christine Graham doing her first Sportive event .

(2) Kids Cycle Event: 7.9km or a team event with 79 laps of a local circuit.

See what the Reddiford Schoolchildren cycle challenge involved. 

(3) Run your first marathon or half-marathon 

Watch this video about Mark Pitcher running his first marathon inspired by 79 people donating blood.

(4) Team event: team up to run 79 laps of your local running track or any circuit you like! Or a team triathlon?!

Thirteen year old Will Hall and his school-mates ran 79 laps of their school running track, and mixed ability kids and adults did individually or collectively 79 laps of their local cycle track

(5) Lose weight! 

Get yourself down to a total weight of 79kg, or lose 7.9kg, or 79lbs…whatever fits your target best.

(6) Adventure across Scotland on The Great Glen Way…from Fort William to Inverness is 79 miles by foot, bike or water…or a mix! 

Be inspired by young Scottish scouts and their Great Glen Way challenge

(7) Climb 79 peaks in 79 weeks?! Big or small, near or far, all at once?!!

Be inspired by 10 year old Rowan who did just this. 

If you prefer something a little more sedate…here are some of the projects from the children of Broadford Primary School on the Isle of Skye

(8) Read 79 books

(9) Take 79 minutes of fresh air a day

(10) Walk to school / work for 79 days

(11) Make an effort to be nicer to somebody you love at least 79 times

(12) Give up something that probably isn’t good for you for 79 days (fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate, white bread…) 

Or perhaps you could use this as an opportunity to test out or launch a social enterprise idea…?!

(13) A bake sale…79 cakes or 79 flavours?!

(14) An- e-book…79 poems or short stories?

(15) Make 79 things that you like to make and sell them?

(16) Organise a fun event…a dinner, a coffee morning, a quiz

OR why not join the Pole of Possibility Challenge? We’d love to have you involved and your name on the flag in Antarctica to create the new POLE OF POSSIBILITY.
Your Invitation to join the POP challenge