Pole of Possibility

Welcome to an extraordinary journey, attempting what has never been done before: a journey by arm-power from the edge of the frozen Antarctic continent to the Geographic South Pole.

The ‘Pole of Possibility’ team are compelled by adventure, and by breaking down barriers and perceptions of what is possible. We face a huge challenge: a journey of 1200km, climbing over mountain passes and expanses of windblown snow, through extreme cold and crevasse fields. I'll be using a special ‘sit-ski’ and propel myself with my arms, whilst the others pull sleds with enough equipment to survive for up to 60 days in the savage polar conditions

No-one has ever skied ‘by arm-power’ across Antarctica to the South Pole before. I can understand why, as at times the challenges of paralysis seem too great to overcome: not being able to walk; lack of sensation and susceptibility to frostbite; inability to regulate body temperature; and other personal care and logistical issues. With hard work, partnership, and support I'm sure we'll find a way. Please get in touch if you're interested to get involved.


Through the Pole of Possibility we aim to raise £1 million for The Back-Up Trust, a charity that helped me, and does great work transforming lives after spinal cord injury. Please see www.backuptrust.org.uk and thank you for any donation you can make.

Like anything in life, we can’t do this alone. We will raise the funds to get to Antarctica through business partnerships, but we are also fundraising for charity. We guarantee that none of our charity fundraising will be used for the cost of the journey itself.

We are seeking businesses interested in partnering with the ‘Pole of Possibility’ expedition. We’d like to have conversations about how we can mutually benefit, and about what we can give back to your business or brand.