Adventure Mindset Programme

A unique transformational coaching programme

The ADVENTURE MINDSET PROGRAMME is designed as a personal development journey to help you navigate life’s changes and challenges in a fresh and powerful way.

Would you like to navigate conscious change, to align more with a sense of purpose and authenticity? Perhaps you are shifting identity in some way, seeking more meaning, purpose and direction. Some connection, reflection, tools and ideas through this ‘Adventure Mindset’ programme will enable you to feel more supported and empowered as you seek greater purpose or passion in life and navigate external or internal changes or shifts in your personal landscape.

Perhaps you are looking to create more energy, possibility, and connection around you, to move towards an expansive future that excites you. Maybe you feel to have become lost somehow through focusing on other people or things that have not been aligned with what matters to you. Or perhaps you would like some ideas on how to adopt a more flexible, adventurous approach to life

My own love for adventure, human transformation and people have led me to create this. Content is based on my own personal experiences of overcoming challenges, combined with concepts from thought-leadership in various fields of performance and transformation.

The programme is integrated with techniques from sports performance psychology, hypnosis, energetic processes and mind-body connection. You are at the centre of your journey, and the focus of this programme is to support you in creating conscious change.

The ADVENTURE MINDSET PROGRAMME is spread over 9 weeks, including interactive materials, group coaching sessions and one to one coaching.

The goal is to help you expand wellbeing, performance, energy and possibilities for your life. All ages and backgrounds welcome. It will help you to:-

  • Tackle life’s challenges with fresh perspectives. 
  • Sculpt a more adventurous mindset 
  • Guide you to find more freedom from any limitation.
  • Alter unhelpful subconscious habits.
  • Give you strategies to inspire consistent commitment towards any dreams you’d like to realise
  • Create more PEP – performance, energy and possibility – for you and your life. 
  • Change patterns of thinking, perceiving and being so that you can become an even better version of yourself. 
  • Increase your motivation and provide inspiration to fuel action to make the changes you desire.
The next cohort of the Adventure Mindset Programme starts October 2022. Also booking for a start in 2023. Please get in touch if you are interested to join. Places limited.
Registration for Adventure Mindset Programme

Registration for Adventure Mindset Programme

What Others Say…

Karen’s coaching is inspirational!  She helped me to realise that I could take on any challenge I wanted through her accounts of everyday people like me who had completed some amazing tasks. I found her fear and problem solving strategies particularly useful in overcoming self doubt in all areas of my life.
L Gomersall

I thoroughly enjoyed the Adventure Mindset Café, with it’s semi-structured basis allowing you to be as passive or active as you liked. Karen has a naturally motivating and engaging style which quickly draws you into a world of possibility and hope.
C Pearson.

It’s been such a great thing to have Karen help me build new pathways, look at things in a different way and paint a new picture for how I was viewing my ability. I don’t feel as frightened by the future as I once was. I see my future as concentrating on what I can do, not on what I can’t and then adapting to my capabilities. 
J Kerr.

Included in the price are:

  • Illustrated video content to follow each week.
  • A free e-copy of Karen’s book, Quest 79: Find Your Inner Gold.
  • Articles and podcasts by Karen that strengthen insight to the programme content.
  • A coaching workbook to guide you through your journey with the materials.
  • Access to inspirational videos to encourage your adventurous mindset, including guest speakers.
  • Scheduled group ‘Adventure Mindset’ coaching sessions.
  • One to one coaching sessions with Karen.

If you think this may be for you, please get in touch to have an initial chat and explore if this is a good fit for you. The next cohort will start in October 2022.

I believe this programme has the potential to open up all kinds of new possibilities, potentials and pathways for you. I invite you to meet up online and have a conversation to explore if it is the right thing for you.

Please contact me so we can discover if this is a good fit for you and to request an application questionnaire.

Karen has a lifetime of experiences adventuring both outside and within, 15 years experience as a professional athlete, an MA in Development Training, a Masters in Sports Psychology and High Performance Coaching, is a qualified Performance Coach & Hypnotherapist, and Member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council…etc…