Quest Timeline

The Cold Way

The ultimate journey, through the ice and wilderness of Antarctica, to create the ‘Pole of Possibility’ at 79 degrees south. Winter

The Spirited Way

Participating in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games* Summer


The Continental Way

1250 km along the Atlantic Coastal Trail from the UK to Spain. Autumn

The Hot Way

1000km of high altitude riding through Ethiopian mountains, ‘The Water Tower of Africa’. Spring


The Water Way

2500 km following Australia’s water life-line, the Murray River from source to sea. Spring

The Sacred Way

1500 km following the River Ganges from it’s Himalayan source to it’s sacred heart. Autumn


The Express Way

Battle Mountain arm power land-speed record & 3000 km from Canada to Mexico. Autumn


The Wild Way

1250 km through the Patagonian wilderness, following Chile’s Carretera Austral. Winter

The Golden Way

10,000km of training & 20km to a Gold medal, Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Summer

* Karen cannot guarantee selection for the Tokyo 2020 Games but 'The Spirited Way’ will happen regardless.