Innergoldlife Adventures

Innergoldlife is all about taking an ‘inner’ journey alongside your ‘outer’ path. The events are designed to take you on an adventure both in and out, to inspire positive transformation and nurture potential possibilities. 

When things change for the better within us, they change for the better in our external world too. 

When we step out of our ‘normal’ and explore within and around us with others, we always discover something new and special. We find INNER GOLD: more connection, peace and purpose from within. We enhance our own happiness and spread positive waves to all those whose lives we touch.

We have created these experiences to harness the uplifting power of nature to inspire and facilitate your potential. We hope you will gain:-

  • Enhanced self-awareness and positive perspectives
  • Strategies to embrace challenge and change
  • Tools for visualisation, relaxation and a greater sense of calm 
  • Daily practices to facilitate more flow and ease 
  • Connection to your inner motivation
  • Development of self-trust and compassion
  • Activation of positive lenses and creation of new possibilities.

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN Online courses are a good foundation for either of the above courses (50% off if joining an in-person experience). Next dates 19-20th & 25-27th April 2023
Places limited on all courses to maintain a personal learning environment.
Our intention…

To help elevate your baseline emotional state as you gather tools to enable new possibilities.

To create fun, reflective, rewarding experiences that will leave you fuelled with energy and excitement for the path ahead.

Please visit the website links or download the PDF documents below for each course.