The Story

Since winning GOLD in handcycling at the Rio 2016 Paralympics, the 79th medal for my country, 79 has become a special number for me! The gold medal was the culmination of years of hard training and focus, and 79 seems to have become part of my journey in life, from a place of being unconscious of life’s potential, towards destiny and beyond…
79 degrees north, a sit-ski traverse of the Greenland icecap, 2006
79 degrees east, handbike across the Roof of the World, Tibet 2014
79th medal, GOLD in the Rio 2016 Paralympics
79 degrees west, the ‘Wild Way’, a handbike journey the length of Patagonia that led to the birth of QUEST 79
79 degrees south runs through Antarctica, a place the ‘Cold Way’ will lead…

Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

C.G. Jung
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The GOLD in Rio was not really about the medal, but about the journey that led there. The biggest prize for me was what I’m calling INNER GOLD, a discovery of what is possible when the power of thought, clear intention and good people come together. In my first ever bike race, I came last by a very long way, as in the organisers had almost all gone home and there was no finish line anymore! It has since amazed me what is possible when we set a clear goal, and when passion and people meet.

QUEST 79 for me will involve travelling 7 continents in 9 significant handbike rides. I plan to journey unsupported by any vehicle other than a bike, exploring with friends, sharing stories and raising funds for a charity close to my heart: The Spinal Inuries Association (SIA).

Gold is element number 79 in the periodic table of elements, and I would love Quest 79 to be an opportunity for you to take on your own quest and find your own INNER GOLD: to connect with your passion, bring friends and people together and help others at the same time by raising money for a good cause.

Why not take on your own Quest 79 project?

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