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Find Your Inner Gold 1

My recent long rides across the world’s continents (see www.karendarke.com/quest79) have taken me on a transformational journey, and exposed me to the power of ‘elevated’ emotions. Riding into sunrises and sunsets, alongside oceans and rivers, under starlit, moonlit skies, receiving the kindness and generosity of strangers, are experiences that have led me to an abundance of deep felt gratitude, freedom, joy and love: emotions that we are all familiar with, but that all too often become dampened or lost in the challenges or onslaughts of life, into a slurry of stress, anxiety, exhaustion or fear. Lucky you!, you may be thinking, I have a family and a fulltime job to focus on so I can’t just take off… Clearly it can be easier to experience these ‘higher’ emotions when we are away from the routine, patterns and triggers of our familiar environment, but we don’t all have the will or the way to venture off. Hence the reason I am creating ‘Find You Inner Gold’. I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned that can help create more freedom in the ‘routine’ of life.

Being human seems to involve often longing for what we don’t have. When I was first paralysed, I longed to be able to walk. In the past when I’ve been tired, I long to feel energized. When I have eaten to the point of feeling over-full, I have longed to feel empty. If I’ve done a good job, I have worried about what others thought and longed to have done better. The simple fact is that so many of us spend a good proportion of time longing for something better than we have – be that a better body, relationship, job, money situation, health…the list goes on. Or we worry about what other people think of us, because underneath we don’t think we are good enough. We are constantly in a state of dis-ease, and when we are not at ease, we are creating stress in our system…which often leads to real disease and sickness. There are increasing levels of depression, mental health problems, suicide, anxiety and struggles on every level. Even when we have committed time on our personal development and growth, old beliefs that do not serve us can re-appear and we find ourselves chained to our history, blaming an old trauma, our parental programming, or our genes.

Our vulnerability leads us to protect ourselves. We each have our ways of staying safe – often unconscious habits or responses that act as survival mechanisms – like calluses over the rawness of our ‘sores’. In my research and studies, it seems many people are experiencing a deep-seated dissatisfaction with life – one that I can well related to through my own journey. There seems no easy answer, so it is easier just to ignore this feeling, and turn to survival mechanisms. After all, we are descendent of hunter-gatherers, and we know how to survive! So we patch it up with new purchases, a house renovation, a move, a new activity, holiday, job or partner – quick fix escapes from the confines – the prison – that the habit of being oneself has created. Or we look for fixes – counseling, therapy, anti-depressants, eating, over-exercising (haha I know that one), or other addictions…

Please read on as this article is ultimately positive not bleak! I believe that the solution is fundamentally simple not complex, because there is really nothing to ‘fix’, only things to discover that help us transcend the limitations of beliefs we have somewhere taken on board. We can transport ourselves beyond feelings of inadequacy, criticism and judgement, to a place of satisfaction, love and acceptance of who we are right now, and of those around us.

I have long been fascinated with healing. Becoming paralysed (which I also believe is healable but haven’t quite manifested it yet!) has taken me on a life-long journey of exploration, experimentation and study. For decades I have been studying different healing and performance modalities, from eastern approaches to medicine such as acupuncture, to the science of the mind, hypnotherapy, NLP, psychology, how to win Paralympic gold medals… and so on. I’ve been operated on by a spirit surgeon in Brazil, watched and studied healers around the world, experienced weeks of ‘transformational cellular healing’…all from a perspective of fascination, discovery, self-improvement and learning.

Happiness, freedom, and elevated emotions are ours for the taking. The good news is you don’t have to spend decades studying or cycling around the world to find them. Your ‘inner gold’ is easier to find than you may think. Please register your interest at www.karendarke.com/contact if you’d like to receive blogs and ideas (I promise not to bombard you…I like my time away from keyboards too much so they will be intermittent not daily or weekly!).