Adventure Mindset

A unique personal transformation coaching programme


The ADVENTURE MINDSET PROGRAMME was initially piloted as an online ‘virtual café’ series during the Coronavirus pandemic. A combination of my passion for adventure, human transformation and people, I designed it as a personal development journey that will enable you to adopt an adventurous mindset to navigate life’s challenges in a fresh and powerful way. It is based on my own personal stories and adventures of overcoming challenges, exploring continents, and winning Paralympic medals, integrated with transformational techniques from sports performance psychology, hypnosis, energetic processes and mind-body connection. But YOU are at the centre of the journey, and the focus is helping you adopt techniques to take you to the next level that you seek in life.

The ADVENTURE MINDSET CAFÉ was so well received that I am now offering it as a programme to follow in your own time, and with personal one:one coaching from me to support your journey. It is suitable for anyone interested in expanding their wellbeing, performance and possibilities: a powerful process for business, sport or any aspect of life. It is also suitable for older teenagers and young adults. The programme is designed to help you:

  • Tackle life’s challenges with fresh perspectives. 
  • Sculpt an even more adventurous mindset than you have now.
  • Guide you to find more freedom from any limitation.
  • Alter unhelpful subconscious habits.
  • Create more PEP – possibilities, experience and peace – for you and your life. 
  • Stimulate your brain so that you can become an even better version of yourself. 
  • Become motivated, inspired & ready for action to make the changes you desire.
Register here for the Adventure Mindset Programme
Registration for Adventure Mindset Programme

Registration for Adventure Mindset Programme

What Others Say…

Karen’s coaching is inspirational!  She helped me to realise that I could take on any challenge I wanted through her accounts of everyday people like me who had completed some amazing tasks. I found her fear and problem solving strategies particularly useful in overcoming self doubt in all areas of my life.
L Gomersall

I thoroughly enjoyed the Adventure Mindset Café, with it’s semi-structured basis allowing you to be as passive or active as you liked. Karen has a naturally motivating and engaging style which quickly draws you into a world of possibility and hope.
C Pearson.

It’s been such a great thing to have Karen help me build new pathways, look at things in a different way and paint a new picture for how I was viewing my ability to take on the challenge of riding the Alps, but also some aspects of my life. I don’t feel as frightened by the future as I once was. I see my future as concentrating on what I can do, not on what I can’t and then adapting to my capabilities. 
J Kerr.

The adventure you will follow as you work through the material is a progressive personal transformation journey. It is suggested over a six week minimum period to allow time for integration into your life process, but you can adapt this to suit your own pace. The content is broken into six themes:

  • Introduction & the Adventure Mindset
  • WIBA Goals & The Call to Adventure
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs : Train Your Brain
  • Inner Gold 1: Vulnerability & Superpowers
  • Inner Gold 2: Exploring ‘higher’ emotions
  • Finding the Treasure: Possibility & Wisdom

Included in the price are:

  • Three one to one personal coaching sessions (1 hour each) with Karen: scheduled near the start, middle and end of your Adventure Mindset journey, to suit your diary.
  • Illustrated video content to follow each week.
  • Articles and podcasts by Karen that strengthen insight to the programme content.
  • A coaching workbook to guide you through your journey with the materials.
  • Access to inspirational videos to encourage your adventurous mindset, including guest speakers.
  • Hypnotic audio recordings that build on the materials.
  • Membership of the private ‘Adventure Mindset’ facebook group so that you can connect with like-minded others.
  • The possibility of participating in monthly group ‘Adventure Mindset’ coaching.

I invite you to get in touch and to have an initial chat with me to learn more. I look forward to supporting you in surprising yourself with what you can experience when you free your mind.

The price for this programme is £790.
I believe this programme has the potential to be life-changing and would like this to be inclusive not prohibitive. Hence I offer a small number of annual ‘scholarships’. SPECIAL OFFER currently available for 50% discount.

Discounted Coaching Option

Karen has 10 years experience as a professional athlete, an MA in Development Training, a Masters in Sports Psychology and High Performance Coaching, is a qualified Performance Coach & Hypnotherapist, and Member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.