August 11, 2014

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The Magic

Do you ever get days where everything just seems to flow? Things just happen effortlessly and at the end of the day you look back wondering how you got so much done so easily, which on another day might have felt really stressful. I get the same with races. Some races are painful, from star...

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C4 Profile

Have you got any adventures planned after the London 2012 Paralympic Games? "Yeah, the outdoor adventures have been cast aside for 2012 – I’m totally focused on the Paralympic Games. I can’t afford to have many days off the bike to be honest. We did have a plan to ski to the South Pole, so we’re hoping to do that in 2013. It should be pretty expensive, but we’re trying to raise money for the Back Up Trust so it’s a really huge project. It’s very exciting, but quite scary as well."

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South Pole

"What’s makes this expedition unique and extraordinary, is that one of the team of four is paralysed. Never before has a paraplegic attempted a challenge so physically and mentally demanding, which makes this challenge simply incredible."

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About Karen

I was injured when I was 21, but before that I did a lot of climbing and running. After my accident, I wanted the first big trip I went on to be to the mountains. I used to be a geologist as well, so I wanted to go to the Himalayas. I went over with a few friends and raised money for charity. Everything just came from that really. I think because I was into it before my accident, my friends were as well. After I got injured my friends were still up for it, so I’ve been quite lucky really."